Foil Drive Assist Slim Project Cedrus Integrated Mast

Foil Drive Assist Slim Project Cedrus Integrated Mast


We are just as stoked about these releasing as our customers. As a result we expect these to sell out quick, so purchase now to pre-order yours! *ORDERS FOR SLIM UNITS NOW ARE EXPECTED IN JANUARY ACCORDING TO FOIL DRIVE. Orders are entered in the order in which they are received. Dealer orders get priority over direct orders so get one from us! 

Battery Type

Slim Endurance Battery, Slim Performance

The Foil Drive Assist Slim x Project Cedrus Integrated Mast offers riders a super clean, versatile and adaptable electric assisted foiling setup capable of being used for many different foiling disciples with a range of different foil brands.

With new Gen2 compatible custom mast top mates, you can now bolt your Project Cedrus Mast to your Assist Slim for the ultimate one piece electric assist, muilt-brand foil mast!

Simply select the motor height you wish to have you motor built in at and if you need a Project Cedrus Foil Adaptor.


  • Foil Drive Assist Slim
  • Chosen Slim Battery
  • Project Cedrus Integrated Mast
  • Optional Project Cedrus Foil Adaptor


  • Assist Slim x Project Cedrus