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Lift 4 Carbon eFoil


What do we think about these changes? 

Longer battery life is a no brainer all round WIN! Furthermore having less vibrations from the the internal eBox will result in less fatigue in your feet, heels, and allow you to physically be able to ride longer and make full use of that longer battery life! And it goes without saying that the eBox’s quieter output, allowing for more immersion with your surroundings and nature, is a HUGE bonus to an already incredible experience! Their updates on the hatch will result in it no longer getting stuck and allow significantly easier access to swap out your battery after a session!


****There will be a 3% of total purchase fee on any refunds issued****

What’s New?

The LIFT4 is Lift Foil’s newest eFoil, updated for style, longevity and performance.

With the LIFT4, they’ve taken every piece of the eFoil experience and perfected it to the Lift Foils standard.

Fast Charging – 30 minutes to full charge on the Gen4 Light Battery, 50 minutes on the Gen4 Full Range Battery, to keep you out on the water.

Carbon Fiber Latches – New ergonomic shape & precision tensioning to automatically regulate hatch pressure, making it easier to open and close in all conditions.

Updated Hand Controller – Precise throttle and power control, upgraded for ruggedness and extreme-use scenarios, plus new safety features.

Battery Ergonomics – A new rugged, lab-tested housing, featuring an ergonomic handle and new rubber feet.

Ride Time

A new proprietary battery management system, and access to best-in-class battery cells allows ride time of more than 2.5hrs with our full battery, and 1.5hrs with our light battery. Additionally, charge time has been reduced to 50 minutes for their full battery, and 30 minutes for the light battery.

New Camber Wings

The eFoil wings control your ride. With the LIFT4 Lift launched their smoothest eFoil wings to date with our Camber Pro series, available in small, medium and large.

Designed to perform and provide stability at higher speeds, giving eFoil riders a greater feeling of control. Available in 160 for lighter riders who want a sporty feel, 210 for an overall amazing feel, and 270 for a gentle surfy ride at reduced speeds.

Quiet Ride

Lift introduces their brand new LIFT4 eBox with Quiet Ride technology that reduces any acoustic noise while eFoiling down to near-silence so that when you fly… it’s just you and Mother Nature. Riders listen to nature, not their equipment!


The LIFT4 launches with the new Camber Pro front wings. This is Lift’s smoothest eFoil specific wings to date. The Camber Pro series is designed to perform and provide stability at high speeds, giving riders a greater feeling of control.

Details, Perfected

The LIFT4 features many details they’ve updated based on input from their riders and community. The updated battery features a new ruggedized housing with rubber feet, they’ve upgraded their latches to a proprietary carbon fiber design that automatically regulates hatch pressure, and the hand controller has been ruggedized, and now features more data options.

Plus a completely customizable lineup of foil hardware to help find your perfect ride, including Lift’s new Camber Pro eFoiling wings.

Designed to prioritize three main qualities: style, longevity, and performance. LIFT4 is the quietest eFoil ever created and features a technological breakthrough in battery life allowing riders to be out on the water longer –and explore further –than ever before at a fraction of the charging time of any other eFoil available on the market. With new color options, advanced electronics, new hardware, and an entirely new lineup of wings, the LIFT4 is the most customizable, most powerful, and longest lasting eFoil ever made. Development of the LIFT4 comes following five years of extensive usage of Lift products and acquiring feedback from more than 15,000 riders, Lift Foils has updated and reworked most of their components to perfect one’s ride and create an eFoil that will revolutionize how we interact with water and with nature.

Upgraded Battery Life and Technology

The Gen4 batteries feature a new housing, completely redesigned to create a rugged, lab-tested, and field-proven product. Lift Foils has put a large focus on safety and reliability, while increasing longevity and reducing weight. The housing has a new ergonomic handle as well as rubber feet for maximum comfort and protection.

New and Improved eBox

Upgrades and refinements have also been made to the new LIFT4 eBox for an effortless and near silent experience on the water. Lift Foils’ state-of-the-art Quiet Ride Technology System consists of an advanced motor controller that is their smoothest and quietest controller to date. This new system utilizes the latest technology in the electric mobility industry and enhances the ride experience significantly by cutting any existing vibrations or sounds in half. This way, riders aren’t listening to their equipment, but to their natural surroundings.

Updated and Refined Pressurized Hatch

When it comes to design and ease of usability, Lift Foils is always paying attention to details, and has updated some small, but important items like latches. The LIFT4 offers updated carbon fiber latches, both engineered and manufactured in the factory in Puerto Rico. These new latches feature a new ergonomic shape and shave significant weight from an eFoil assembly. They also offer precision tensioning and automatically regulate pressure inside the hatch compartment, making it easier to open and close in all conditions.

Extremely Durable

Lift eFoils are built in highly refined steel tools used to forge carbon fiber parts at extreme temperatures and heat, providing a unique marbled carbon fiber that is lighter and stronger than other eFoils.

Customize Your Ride

Their 10+ years of experience in hydrofoil wing design makes all the difference – each eFoil has a wide mix-and-match selection of options to help you achieve the ideal ride when optimizing for performance, stability, and environment.


For ultimate performance and reduced weight, the LIFT4 also features a full carbon fiber mast, which is available in two sizes: 28-inch and 32-inch. These pairwith a precision machined aluminum propeller, each one milled from a block of aerospace aluminum, hand polished, hard anodized, and balanced to perfection. These propellers are ultra-rigid for maximum bite and torque, and they’re built to survive any abuse they might encounter in the water. All pieces in the propulsion unit are fully modular and can be easily interchanged for one’s ride preference via their in-house designed Lift Connect System (LCS).


TheLIFT4 comes with everything one needs to experience the magical feeling of eFoiling. There is also a standard 2-year warranty on all components giving you the peace of mind to purchase with confidence.

Additional information

Mast Size

28" (Versatile, Responsive, Standard), 32" (Deeper turns, Pairs well with high aspect wings)


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