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Everything HydroFoil!

Foil Outlet is a one-stop shop for all your foiling needs

Foil Outlet carries all the major brands of Hydrofoils and accessories. Whether you are kite-foiling, foil-surfing, wind-foiling, e-foiling or SUP-foiling...we have the equipment you need. We carry products from all the major hydrofoiling brands such as GoFoil, Slingshot, Foil Mount, Liquid Force, Naish, MHL, Nobile and more. We do our best to be the one-stop resource for everything foiling. Feel free to give us a call for some expert advice and/or guidance. 


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Foil Experts

We have been foiling for a while now and are passionate about it. This passion has lead to our desire to spread the stoke.

Since 2009 we have been selling kiteboarding gear all over the world. When our staff first started foiling with kites, we instantly saw the possibilities. With the spread of foiling to multiple disciplines and usages, we decided to create an outlet that easily offers access to hydrofoil equipment for various water sports.