How to Remove a Stuck Armstrong Wing or Fuse

Occasionally Armstrong wings can bet stuck on your fuse. Or sometimes the fuse is stuck in the mast! The cause of these could be one of a few reasons. Usually its from salt build up and not breaking things loose every once in a while. The best practice to break apart your gear occasionally to prevent corrosion or build up. But if you forgot or are just plain lazy, you may need to employ one of these tactics.

Removing Front Wing From Fuse

Below is an image describing the process that comes direct from Armstrong. So before you contact us or them please attempt these steps. If they don’t work, please send a video of it not working. Armstrong will require this video before they will consider any warranty or other help. One thing to note is that sometimes you need to hit the mast pretty hard with the rubber mallet! Most people are worried to hurt the wing, but you would really be surprised at how strong they are.

Removing Front wing that is Stuck on Fuse

Now this one can be more difficult. Especially if you hammered the front wing on BEFORE having the fuse in the mast. This pushes the front wing too far onto the fuse. You can first attempt the method in the video below. If this doesnt work, you may have to destroy some hardware and really hit things hard with mallet. MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS PUT THE FUSE IN MAST BEFORE TAPPING FRONT WING WITH MALLET!

Removing Stuck Fuselage from Mast

This one is pretty easy usually. Make sure all screws are out. Hold mast and tap the titanium side of the fuse on something solid. Think swinging a hammer with end of fuse as the end of hammer. Start on something wood. If that doesn’t work, you can tap on concrete. It shouldn’t take too much force to knock it out!

Here you can find the full Armstrong User Manual with proper assembly instructions and other useful items!