HQ4 Rush Pro 3-Line Relaunchable Trainer Kite

HQ4 Rush Pro 3-Line Relaunchable Trainer Kite

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Looking for a well priced easy to re-launch trainer kite? This is the kite for you!


250, 300, 350



HQ is the industry leader in Foil kites and trainer kites. HQ Kites & Designs USA is a national sales and distribution company located Powells Point, NC a great area live and work in the wonderful Outer Banks region.

HQ4 Rush Pro 3-Line Relaunchable Trainer Kite

This is probably the best well priced 3 line trainer kite out there. The third line makes flying so much more enjoyable. That 3rd line allows you to easily re-launch the kite while crashing (which is how you learn!). And it also acts great for landing and safety.

Are you looking for a kite that ticks all the boxes of a true traction kite? A kite that provides great pulling performance, ease of control and extreme durability? Then the Rush Pro trainer kite series has been developed just for you. It features an ingenious cross-bracing cell structure to survive numerous unintended impacts. An integrated 3rd line provides a safety system and offers reverse launching after a leading edge crash. The Rush Pro series will progress your flying skills so you can reach your next level.


► Extremely robust cross-bracing rib structure

► 3rd-line for optimal safety and reliable reverse launch

► Ready to fly with flying lines attached

► Reduced bridle for minimal drag

► Good light wind abilities


► Cool kite bag

► Control bar 50 cm

► Dyneema line set

► Multilingual guide