F-One Rocket MidLength

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F-One Rocket MidLength


  • Best all-around board in our range
  • Innovative shape for enhanced performance, optimized glide, and maximum stability
  • Light bamboo construction for a very direct feel
  • Size range adapted to all levels and conditions

Rocket Midlength

Representing a pragmatic evolution in F-One’s foil board range, the new Rocket Midlength boards combine the efficiency and glide of their SUP downwind boards with the stability and ease of our wing foil boards. These boards are designed to offer a super quick and easy take-off, enhanced maneuverability, and optimal stability. They will be the best choice for riders who want to take-off as fast as possible especially in light wind conditions, those who want to ride with a smaller wing, or for those looking for a one-board quiver.

When F-One developed their SUP DOWNWIND PRO range, we looked for maximum glide for easy take-offs. So we went for long, narrow boards. As well as working wonders for SUP foiling, we found that they also offered real advantages for wing foiling. Their glide facilitates take-offs and allows us to use reduced wing surfaces, even in light winds, while their narrow width and streamlined shape provide fantastic maneuverability, glide and comfort for such long, voluminous boards. Little by little, we’ve been using the SUP DW boards in different wing foiling conditions, as well as in both light and strong winds. This inspired us to develop a range of wing foil boards sharing the characteristics of our SUP DWs, without the concessions made for a SUP practice. Hence, we designed boards with similar shapes but much less volume and reduced length: the Rocket Midlength.

The Rocket Midlength board takes the best of both our SUP DW PRO and compact wing foil boards: Easy take-offs, enhanced maneuverability, optimal stability. They’ll delight everyone, from beginners to experts, with a playfulness that’s unexpected for boards that exceed 78L.

The main innovation in the shape of the Rocket Midlength is the addition of a second small step on the hull closer to the tail, on top of the one already present in front of the twin tracks as on our SUP DW PRO. These two steps effectively reduce drag during take-off accelerations and touchdowns. The second step, in conjunction with a higher kicktail to minimize tailwater contact during pumping, creates a clean break to channel the water flow at the back without generating excessive drag when in motion. Thanks to a slightly wider tail, stability is preserved despite the reduced length, while the slim outline and parallel rails promote glide and speed during take-off.

The Rocket Midlength benefits from an ultra-light Bamboo Deck Construction. Using a layer of bamboo only on the deck, this construction has been optimized to guarantee the board is as light as possible, all while ensuring strength and durability as well. The feeling of the foil is super direct, and control is absolute throughout the entire downwind, even at high speeds. Available in four sizes (5’8, 5’10, 6’0, 6’2)

The Rocket Midlength boards are suitable for beginners and advanced riders alike, offering exceptional versatility in a wide range of conditions. The 5’8 and 5’10 are perfect for riders who want a single board in their quiver. They allow you to take off and ride in very light winds, and are completely at ease even in very strong winds. They’ll also be useful for an experienced rider looking for a board with a bit more volume for light wind days.

For example, they’re a great step-up for someone already using a Rocket Midlength boards combine the efficiency and glide of our SUP DW boards with the stability and ease of our wing foil boards. Designed to offer easy take-off, enhanced maneuverability and optimal stability, these boards bring an unrivaled wing foiling experience and meet the demands of all riders, in all conditions.


Size (Inches) Size (cm) Volume (Liters) Inserts
5’8 x 19” 172.7 x 48.3 78L Yes
5’10 x 20” 177.8 x 50.8 90L Yes
6’0 x 21” 182.9 x 53.3 105L Yes
6’2 x 22 188 x 55.9 120L Yes

Picking Your Size

-Beginner: Weight + ~40 L

For example, if you weight 80kg and want to learn the sport with a ROCKET MIDLENGTH, then you may want to go for the 6’2 board of 120L.

-Intermediate: Weight + ~25 L

Once you have a good handle on your wing and foil, or are already confident in wing foiling, you can go for a lower volume.

-Advanced: Weight + ~15 L

Additional information

Foil Board Volume

78 Liters


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