Foil Drive Mast Adaptor

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Foil Drive Mast Adaptor


Changed your foil mast setup or added to your collection? Simply pick up the correct Foil Drive Mast Adaptor to get setup on your new gear!

With over 90 foil masts compatible with the Foil Drive Universal Motor Pod. The best way to ensure you have the correct mast adapter is to check the measurements against the table (found here within the product pictured gallery).

This listing is for the newer style specific inner Mast adapter pieces that slide inside the outer Universal Motor Pod sections available here.

If you have the older style single piece Motor Pod, you will need to purchase the Universal Motor Podparts also to upgrade to the new style Motor Pod. More information can be found here.

All Motor Pods are compatible with Foil Drive Assist and Assist PLUS.

The Foil Drive kits comes with 1 set of Mast adapter pieces, add this item to the cart if you want an additional or spare adapter set.


  • 1x Inner Nose Piece
  • 1x Inner Rear Piece
  • NOTE: This adapter require a Universal Motor Pod to work, this is not included.



Choosing the Correct Mast Adaptor for Your Foil Drive™

When ordering your Foil Drive™ system, you will need to select which motor pod is compatible with your mast. Foil Drive’s pods have been designed to fit each brand and variation of mast perfectly.


The motor pod is one of the most important parts that allows Foil Drive™ to be a retro-fitted to a growing range of foil masts.


The motor pod (Image 1) is a two-part attachment which is clamped around your mast (This is why your pod selection is extremely important). Four pod bolts pull the two halves together and the motor attaches on the back with a further three puck bolts (Image 2).

Image 1                  |             Image 2

CHOOSING THE CORRECT MOTOR POD It is imperative that you choose the correct motor pod for your mast specification, not just the same brand. Note: Many foil brands change their mast design from year to year to improve strength or reduce drag. If you purchased your mast some time ago and you are unsure, please check with Foil Drive at

We are constantly adding to our collection of compatible motor pods, but if you find that your mast is not listed on the chart below, please click here to learn what to do next.


The two key measurements to ensure you have the right pod is to compare the cord length (from trailing edge to leading edge) and the thickness (how wide the mast is).

Note: Measurements not specifically named “E-foil” are taken 20-25cm below the mounting plate of your mast, this is important for tapered masts.


Our pods have been designed to fit exactly 25cm below your board at the top of your mast, however, some masts are tapered and may affect what adjustments you have to make to mount your pod.

Note: Masts brands like Armstrong, SPG, Lift and Cloud 9 have quite an aggressive taper. They are working on providing pod options for extreme tapering that will allow a snug fit when mounting closer to the fuselage and we will keep you updated when these are available.


If the pod is only slightly bigger than the mast, you can add thin layers of electrical tape or insertion rubber to pack it out.

Be careful not to add too much! We recommend adding one layer at a time.

Watch this video below to learn how to adapt your pod to different positions on your tapered mast.


If you have a Cabrinha Fusion carbon mast, please watch this video below before ordering your pods.

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Mast Adaptor

#71 Armstrong A+ 72/85cm, #53 Armstrong A+ eFoil, #70 Armstrong Performance 795 eFoil, #71 Armstrong Performance 795, #30 Armstrong V1, #1 Axis Alloy 19mm, #38 Axis Pwr Carbon and Pwr Carbon High Modules, #55 Axis Power Carbon eFoil, #36 Axis Carbon, #9 Axis Alloy 16mm, #51 AK Plasma Carbon, #52 AK Trek Alloy, #57 AFS Performer, #34 Cabrinha Alloy, #46 Cabrinha Fusion Carbon, #47 Cabrinha Fusion Carbon eFoil, #7 Cloud 9 Carbon 76cm, #50 Cloud 9 Alloy, #87 Cloud 9 FS, #81 Code Foils, #82 Code Foils eFoil, #89 Delta Alloy, #95 Dakine Charger, #67 F4 Alloy, #85 Fanatic x Duotone Collab Carbon, #14 Fanatic Alloy OLD, #39 Fanatic Carbon and Alloy 2022, #23 F-One Alloy, #56 F-One Carbon High Module, #96 F-One Carbon HM 14mm, #97 F-One Carbon HM 16mm, #61 Freedom Foils 74 Carbon, #98 Freedom Foils Carbon eFoil, #41 Gong V2 Allvator Carbon, #32 Gong V2 Allvator Alloy, #20 Gong Alloy V1, #76 GoFoil V2 2023 Carbon, #2 GoFoil Carbon Pre 2023, #60 Konrad Flyr Carbon, #19 Lift Carbon, #93 Lift X2, #44 Liquid Force Alloy, #45 Liquid Force Carbon, #80 Liquid Force Alloy 2020, #24 Levitaz Hybrid, #25 Levitaz 75, #26 Levitaz 90, #54 Mikeslab, #88 Mikeslab 2023, #31 Moses 90, #10 Moses Carbon 82cm, #48 Naish S27 Jet Carbon, #4 Naish S26 Carbon, #6 Naish S25/26 Alloy, #13 Naish Thrust Alloy, #58 Naish S27 Alloy, #43 Neil Pryde Glide Wind Alloy 2021, #28 NoLimitz, #92 NoLimitz V2, #72 North Sonar CF85, #84 North Sonar AF 72/85, #66 NSP Airwave Alloy, #86 Omen the Stiffy, #17 Project Cedrus Carbon, #59 Project Cedrus Alloy, #35 Reedin Alloy, #79 Reedin Alloy 2022, #40 RRD, #8 Slingshot Alloy, #42 Slingshot Phantasm Carbon V1.1, #90 Slingshot Phantasm 72 C, #91 Slingshot Phantasm 82 C, #62 SAB Foil Kraken Carbon 93/83, #63 SAB Foil Kraken Carbon 93/83 eFoil, #64 SAB Foil Carbon 82 OLD, #65 SAB Foil Carbon 92 OLD, #16 Signature Carbon, #5 Takuma Carbon, #18 Takuma Kajira Alloy, #15 Takuma Alloy OLD, #77 Takuma HD Alloy, #75 Takuma 2023 Carbon, #12 Unifoil 2020, #33 Unifoil Carbon 2022, #68 Unifoil Katana Super Stiff Carbon 830 & 750, #104 Armstrong Performance 865, #3 Armstrong A+ 72/85cm, #102 Unifoil Progression 800, #105 Unifoil 2023 Alloy


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