Foil Drive Gen 2 Assist Slim

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Foil Drive Gen 2 Assist Slim


We have these in stock now and we try to also keep the most popular stator’s in stock as well (others may need to be ordered from FoilDrive and some delays may occur). Check out what we currently have in stock as far as stators go!

What we think: “Finding new ways to get on foil! Foiling has certainly swept the industry whether it be with a kite, a wing, a wave, a dock or a wake. Im going to be honest, when I first saw the original Foil Drive, I thought it was a good idea but a little clunky and home made looking. Tons of customers were loving them though. When this happens I know its time to listen and investigate further into a product. While I was looking to bring the Assist Plus into the shop, I found out about this new and very exciting Gen2 system that was to release soon. What excited me the most is the fact there is NOTHING on top of the board! The battery and system itself is all packed nicely right under the mast. I was instantly way more interested.

We received a demo unit of both the Max and the Slim. So I took them to a flat water spot first to give them a test. Man…i am impressed. All I can say is; “Game Changer”.  Personally i have now had about 3 sessions on the Slim in the waves after the first flat water test. I probably would not have been able to catch any waves without this thing on most of those days.
I think the SLIM is perfect for me since I want performance and am decent a pumping. The MAX seems to be the favorite for anyone who is not more advanced or wants longer sessions. I’ve been using the 20cm cable length which I think is a pretty good “go-to”. However, i’d love to try a 15cm for performance and more room to pump. There is a slight adjustment period on figuring out how to pop up. But it didn’t take me long to dial it in. Due to the light weight design and placement, you really do not feel much of any swing weight while pumping this thing. I was easily connecting 4-6 waves on 880cm^2 front wing and my 37 liter board.
We have been taking orders for these and they demand has been way better than expected. Our first order batch sold out almost instantly for the Max. If you have interest, I suggest you get your order in NOW!  -Billy”

The Assist Slim is smaller and lighter with a shorter run time, designed for performance foiling. It offers enough power for assisted foiling, while remaining super compact!

*Max Thrust: 25.5kg (56.2lbs)

*Weight Range: 2.3 – 2.8kg (5.0 – 6.1lbs)

Max Dimensions: L510 x W250 x H35mm

Min Dimensions: L415 x W250 x H35mm

* Dimension/weight variations based on different batteries. Max Thurst based on Three Blade Propeller, data will vary based on real world, rider variables (Full real world thrust analysis available online).

Who Rides The Slim?

At just 35mm thin, the Assist Slim is engineered for the performance orientated rider. No matter if its ripping turns on a prone board, sending downwind missions in bombing conditions, enabling smaller gear winging, or extending a pump foil session, the Assist Slim is a high-performance machine.

With reduced battery capacity comes shorter runtimes, however despite its size, the Assist Slim with the Performance battery packs quite the punch, still able to launch heavier riders up on to foil with ease.

With its low weight positioned optimally under your board, once you’re up on foil you will hardly notice you still have it mounted up to your gear at all!


The Assist Slim mounts between your mast plate and the board. As mast tracks are universal, this means it fits any board! Simply use the provided Foil Drive Locking T Nuts and longer bolts. Sandwich your Gen2 Foil Drive between your gear for optimal weight distribution and hydrodynamics.


Each of their Assist Kits are compatible with their own Foil Drive batteries that offer different benefits for different use cases, runtime, power, weight and compatibility are all key variables. The Lithium-Ion Battery Cells used in the Foil Drive systems feature the highest energy density available while maximizing the power output, run time and performance of the system. This means they really are packing as much as we can into such a small space!

Slim Performance Battery

The smaller Slim battery, great for those who’re wanting a punchy, high performing, light-weight ride at the cost of less runtime than the Endurance. This battery must be used with the Assist Slim, Nose Cone D. Capacity: 166.32Wh Volts: 40V

Slim Endurance Battery

The larger Slim battery, great for longer runtimes. However, with a lower voltage, it doesn’t not provide the same level of thrust as the Slim Performance Battery.

This battery must be used with the Assist Slim, Nose Cone C.

Capacity: 241.92Wh

Volts: 28V

Not available until early 2024!


Are batteries cross-compatible?

Foil Drive batteries are NOT cross compatible across units ie. An Assist battery cannot be used in an Assist PLUS.

What is the lifespan of a battery?

All batteries have a useful lifespan and are consumables. Due to battery chemistry, every time a battery is used it will slowly degrade and the loss of full power output and capacity will eventually become noticeable. Depending on how often it is used, 1-2 years of good performance is typical when cared for correctly.

Are they waterproof?

Foil Drive batteries are not waterproof and should be treated with care, especially around salt water. Please contant Foil Drive if your battery is ever exposed to water. Gen1 Batteries have been designed to limit water ingress if they do become exposed to water however are more suspeciable to damage. Gen2 Batteries are custom made with massive advancement in durability and safety. They have been IP68 certified for dust and water resistance.

How much runtime?

Battery runtime is a very hard number to give a single answer to. Foiling is an incredibly dynamic and complex sport, making it impossible to have fixed values. While we do provide average runtime, we believe in honest, real world examples. Available online is an extensive look into each battery, comparing rider weight, gear and more in order to give you the best idea of how much you can get out of each battery depending on your specific use case.

Gen 2 Motor Systems

Gen2 utilizes the same robust motor, propellers and mast adaptor as Gen1 with changes to the system modularity. A custom water resistant motor plug seamlessly connects the electronics box to the motor allowing rider to interchange between a range of different cable lengths. By simply removing 3 bolts and plugging in a new motor, the rider can now have a quiver of motors for different foiling disciplines or preferences.

Gen2 Motor Systems are available in 5 different lengths that are interchangeable.The length being the distance between the base plate and the motor position on your mast. These lengths are shorter than Gen1 as the cable does need have to wrap around to the top side of the board. Each position has been curated for specific use:

  • 15cm/5.9inches We often refer to this position as slammed as it’s as close to the board as possible without noticing interferance due to it’s proximity to the board. The ideal for those wanting assistance to get on foil, and have their motor exit as soon as they’re on foil.
  • 20cm/7.8IN A step down from the slammed position, this is most common for most riders wanting assisted power in most disciplines. The motor remains in the water a little longer meaning you can really rely on it to get you up and running.
  • 25cm/9.8IN Wanting to flatwater Foildrive back to the lineup? Learning to surf, downwind or wing? The mid mast position gives you enough depth to motor around but remains high enough to pop the motor out of the water once you’re up on foil and feeling ready to glide naturally.
  • 60 & 70cm 23.6 &27.5IN Positions close to the fuselage are ideal for flatwater Foildriving and learning. A 60cm and 70cm Motor are available with the same use case. The 60cm Motor is suitable for masts up to 60cm long, where as the 70cm Motor is for masts longer than 70cm.



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Slim Endurance, Slim Performance


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