Foil Drive Universal Mast Adapter

Foil Drive Universal Mast Adapter


This system works with ANY brand and model hydrofoil mast on the market and uses the current universal pod.

**Universal Motor Pod Not Included, this is the Adaptor ONLY. If you need the External Universal Motor Pod as well, click here. Note: If you have a Universal Motor Pod from and existing Custom Mast Adaptor, it is compatible with the Universal Mast Adaptor!

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The NEW Universal Mast Adaptor is made of a soft, flexible material that can de-form around your mast to create a solid and secure connection for your motor.

Universal Motor Pod Not Included, this is the Adaptor ONLY.

The unique design features six sized “keys” that are to be installed into the front of the adaptor to allow for fitment of all different sizes and shapes of mast. The user will need to test the different keys to find the correct one for their mast and the taper of the position you would like to mount your motor. It is important the key you select is the correct size, to still allow a clamping force of the two halves. We highly recommend watching the installation video.

What’s Included

All kits are coming standard with the required parts (Universal Mast Adaptor and Universal Motor Pod). If ordering ONLY the Universal Mast Adaptor by itself SKU 151 you will receive:

1x Large Nose Cone Piece, 1x Small Nose Cone Piece, 1x Rear Piece, 6x Keys (Various Sizes)

Using your own gear just became even easier… 

After hours of testing we are finally able to share an adaptor that makes fitting your Foil Drive that much easier! The streamline design is one of a kind, sticking to our core values to make a product that enhances your foiling game. No longer do you need a specific adaptor, meaning if you change masts, or if your mate wants a go… the Universal Adaptor will fit any mast and is now included with all New Foil Drive kits. The sleek shape has little to no gaps, meaning water won’t cause unnecessary and unwanted drag. The specialised internal components further improving the rider feeling, with the rubbery internal material acting as a dampener for any vibration or cavitation. There’s nothing like that Foil Drive feeling.