Lift Elite Board Bag

Lift Elite Board Bag

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Save your energy for the actual ride! This Elite bag for your efoil will make transporting your board and set up effortless so you aren’t burned out before you’re even riding. Ask our instructors, after a long session on the efoil the last thing you want to do is carry it back!


4'9, 5'4, 4'2


Lift (MHL)

Lift used to be called MHL. They are the leaders in carbon hydrofoil market. Pioneering the E-foil and created top of the line foils for surfing, kiting, paddleboarding and more.

The Lift Foil’s Elite Bags offer the premiere user experience for transporting your eFoil. Made from a rare, proprietary fabric blend from our partners Paua, the Elite Bags are lightweight, ultra-ruggedized, fold into a compact space, include removable wheels for easy transportation.

Additional information

The Lift Elite Board Bags are made from a new, patented state-of-the art protective composite material that offers outstanding impact protection and tear resistance whilst being lightweight, water resistant and fully recyclable. The composite construction is not only extra durable and lightweight, but easy to transport and break down into a very tight space. This is a unique material that Lift Foils is excited to be one of the few companies on the globe to offer to our customers.

The Lift Elite Board Bags offer an excellent level of protection during transportation, perfect for use on bumpy rides and extensive excursions.  This is the perfect set of cases to protect your eFoil while traveling, or if you’re putting your gear to the test regularly.

The Lift Elite Board Bags also come with high performance detachable wheels so you can easily handle different terrain and high-speed cruising to the beach. The wheeled Elite Bag setup is designed so you can also transport your board with the mast on and attached for maximum usability.