Wing Foil Travel Package

Travel Easily with this Package:

  • Slingshot I-Fly 90L
  • Slingshot FCarve V1 Foil Kit w/ Bag
  • S26 Naish 5.3m Wing
  • Ozone Connect Wing Harness
  • PKS Harness Line

Slingshot IFLY

90L – Length: 5’0″ (152.4cm), Width: 27″ (68.6cm), Thickness: 4.75″ (12.1cm), Weight: 6.35kgs


The I-FLY inflatable foil boards are lightweight and packable with a large carbon foil plate on the bottom that provides a stiff and reactive foiling performance you can take anywhere. They come with tri-footstrap inserts that allow for limitless progression along with a leash attachment and ¾ length deck pad. The large carbon track plate provides a direct board-to-foil feel while the lightweight nature of the inflatable results in minimal swing weight in the nose. Carrying your kit in and out of the water has never been easier with both top and bottom carry handles.


We wanted a lightweight, stiff, and reactive foil board we could take anywhere and bounce off of anything without a ding or a scratch.


+ Large carbon bottom plate provides the same direct-to-foil feel as a hardboard.

+ Lightweight and travel-friendly. + Foot strap inserts provide for limitless performance.

+ Top and bottom carry handle for easy transport

+ D-Ring on the tail for leash connection


1. I-Fly Inflatable Foil Board This lightweight, packable foil board with its large carbon foil plate provides a stiff and reactive foiling performance you can take anywhere.

2. Top and Bottom Carry Handles Make getting in and out of the water a breeze.

3. Tail D-Rings A secure leash connection

4. High-Pressure Pump High-Pressure pump with adapters for both SUP inflation and wing inflation valves.


The FCARVE foil is slingshot’s highest performance and most well rounded package in all of the Hover Glide line with a new higher aspect Quantum 85 front wing. It’s the perfect blend of low speed lift, high speed efficiency, overall maneuverability and PUMP-ability.

Package Includes: 72cm (28″) mast, Quantum 85cm front wing, 42cm rear wing, hardware, shim, neoprene wing covers, custom travel case.

Glide / Carve / Pump

The FCARVE foil is slingshots highest performance and most well rounded package in all of the Hover Glide line. It’s the perfect blend of low speed lift, high speed efficiency, overall maneuverability and PUMP-ability. As the trends point more and more towards high-aspect performance, the Quantum 85 wing delivers all the advantages without sacrificing the low speed lift and maneuverability that make slingshot foils so user friendly and easy to ride. This foil is perfect for riders who already know how to foil and are looking to maximize their foiling performance on the Hover Glide foil platform.


  • 72cm (28”) mast
  • Quantum 85cm front wing
  • 42cm rear Stabilizer
  • Shift Fuselage
  • Lightweight Pedestal


The FCARVE foil was built to deliver high aspect foil performance to the Hover Glide platform. The 72cm mast height places your wings in the heart of the power source behind boats, and the Quantum 85cm wing glides the farthest with the least effort.


  • The FCARVE foil will allow advanced foilers to go virtually anywhere behind the boat with full confidence.
  • This foil flies at impressively low speeds and requires little effort to sustain flight without a power source, allowing you to pick a wave near or far and get to it with complete confidence.



Add or remove the foil from your board in a matter of just a few seconds without having to completely disassemble foil mounting hardware.


A one-wing quiver that can be used for several sport categories. The perfect blend of higher aspect performance in a user friendly design.


No sharp foil wings here! Slingshot’s designers focused the foil wingtips down and away from the rider making a smooth and soft edge that helps prevent injuries. They also provide stability for a predictable ride.


Transport your entire foil in one low profile, padded case. The case is designed specifically for easy transport and has lined, cushioned pockets for wings, mast, fuselage and hardware. Ala carte neoprene covers have you secure for short and quick trip to the beach.

Naish S26 Wing Surfer

The Naish Wing Surfer took the world by storm with its introduction in 2019, launching the sport of Wing surfing in tow hat is now the fastest-growing water sport in the world. The S25 Wing-Surfer took the basic concept to the next level by adding more sizes, better visibility, and improved performance. This season’s all-new Wing-Surfer MK3 is packed with design features that will carry this rapidly evolving sport, well into the future.

Naish started with the basic outline, refining the leading edge curve of each size wing to maximize drive, balance, and stability in its given wind range. Panel count has been reduced for lighter weight, yet not overly simplified, ensuring that optimum foil shape is retained. Leading edge diameters have been increased in the center of the wing to provide a substantially more rigid airframe, without appearing cartoonishly large as seen on some other wings. In this case, “bigger is better” has limits, and a balance between diameter sizes versus drag, speed potential, weight of leading edge material and internal bladder, etc. must all be taken into consideration. The MK3 leading edges taper to the wing tips for a perfect balance of power delivery, stability, twist, and speed. The center strut diameter has also been increased for stiffness and better control in higher winds and jumping. Draft depth has increased substantially and is further forward, providing more “locked-in” power and increased stability. Everyone, including heavier riders, will especially appreciate the immediate “sheet in and go” feel of the MK3, which provides improved low end and upwind performance, as well as strong wind stability and control. Some riders may find that they will now be able to use a wing that’s one size smaller in the same wind conditions than they would have previously.

Handle count has been reduced, with repositioned handles in the right locations for maximum performance and comfort. New removable and adjustable Y-handles between the leading edge and strut provide added tune-ability to the wing. A neoprene pad under the front handle adds extra comfort when handling your wing, or luffing while riding swells or waves.

The windows on the Wing-Surfer MK3 have been redesigned and repositioned to maximize functionality and safety while reducing their overall size. The new windows are narrower in width and placed further forward toward the leading edge of the wing and closer to the center strut — all but eliminating blind spots. The result is perfect visibility, reduced weight, and a smaller package when storing or transporting your wing. A new coil leash design with a smaller, lighter, and easier to secure wrist attachment is standard as is a new and improved carry bag.

Finally, new internal reinforcements and advancements have been made in seam construction, especially in high load areas such as strut to leading edge connection and strut to canopy stress points — all contributing to a stronger and longer-lasting wing. Weight reduction was a factor in the design of the Wing-Surfer MK3, but there must be a balance between weight saving, functionality, and durability. The Wing-Surfer MK3 meets this challenge without compromise by perfectly providing a dynamic, responsive, powerful, and long-lasting wing that will suit first-timers equally as well as it will suit the aspiring professional…Session after session.

Ozone Connect Wing Harness

THE CONNECT WING HARNESS MAKES RIDING LONGER DISTANCES A REAL PLEASURE, GIVING YOU TIME TO RELAX YOUR ARMS AND MAXIMISE YOUR SESSION.The slim-line lightweight design offers ultimate freedom of movement when unhooked with support to hook in, lean back and cruise when you want.The Connect Wing harness has been designed to comfortably slide on skin and neoprene. It can easily be rotated around your waist when lying on a board to paddle, keeping the hook away from the board and avoiding damage. An open angle Spreader Bar hook allows easy hooking in and out.
The wings Leash Line can be connected directly to the harness with or without our optional Quick Release, in this case the Wrist Strap or Waist Strap is not required. We highly recommend using the Quick Release if connecting the Leash Line directly to the harness.

PKS Adjustable/Universal Wingboarding Harness line

The PKS Adjustable Wingboarding Harness line is adjustable for length and will attach to wings with handles as well as wings with a boom or rigid handles.