Armstrong Powerlink Control Bar -Carbon Mini Boom for Wings

What we think: Using a boom for the wing (such as the Echo) is nice for ability to move your hands. But the overall weight and additional setup time of a large boom is definitely a negative. The ease and weight of this mini boom is incredible! Its so light its hard to believe. It should work on most wings with handles. It only weighs 3 ounces!!

Introducing the Powerlink Control Bar: Best of both worlds!

Innovation and thoughtful design are at our heart, the new Powerlink Control Bar is another example of Armstrong's dedication to the design ethos. During the testing of the A-Wing, Armie developed the Powerlink Control Bar with the goal of increasing the handling and range of the A-Wing! Linking the middle handles allows for easy hand transfers, enhanced wing control during transitions and on waves. It improves light wind power, with both hands on the bar it sets the wing higher and further from body turbulence, which improves low-end grunt. It also adds to upper-end wind range by allowing your rear hand to move forward for the optimal control position in powered conditions.
Although the Power Control Bar has been developed primarily for the A-Wing, as an added bonus it can also easily be fitted to many other brands wings!


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