2021 Mystic Marshall Seat Harness

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2021 Mystic Marshall Seat Harness


Comfortable Seat Harness with good back support. Spreader Bar included

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  • Preshaped seat cup
  • 3D moulded backplate
  • Fix Foam
  • Flexshell, combines strength and support with maximum freedom of movement
  • Integrated heavy duty handle
  • Soft neoprene edges
  • Lowerback support
  • Bananabar 2.0
  • Battle belt waist closure
  • Heavy duty seat part
  • Comfortable padded legstraps


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Preshaped seat cup

With the preshaped Curv plate we’ve brought the hardshell to the seat harness. It gives you maximum support you need and has minimum pressure points.

Fix Foam

This foam is molded to adjust perfectly to your lower body and give maximum comfort while riding.

Integrated heavy duty handle

This handle gives your kite buddy the opportunity to assist you when it’s a little too windy out on the beach and you want to have someone that got your back.

Heavy duty seat part

Sand, salt and shells are not the best combination for your harness. That’s why we enforced the seat part with extra wear resistant fabric to help you through the toughest conditions.

Comfortable padded legstraps

Leg straps can be a pain in the ass. We did our best to make them as comfortable as possible, so you won’t even notice they are there.

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