Takuma Kujira 1210 AC-75 Series Hydrofoil Kit

Takuma Kujira 1210 AC-75 Series Hydrofoil Kit

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The Kujira In a Nutshell :
· Exceptionally Maneuverable
· Smooth and Stable on take off
· Extraordinarily Reactive
· Remarkably Stable at a low speed

Includes Front Wing 1210, Back Wing 220 and 75cm Aluminum Mast

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Product Details

Takuma introduces the new Kujira foil 1210, inspired by humpback whales. The Kujira 1210 front wing is designed for riders looking for an all around model with the widest variety of uses.

This hydrofoil is the ultimate, most versatile, high performing maneuverable front wing on the market.

This model is exceptional in all conditions providing fantastic pumping ability, incredible glide and smooth carving.

This foil gives riders at all levels unmatched control and stability, you’ll be double dipping plenty of waves, carving smoothly on every bump and accomplishing astonishing glide on every ride.

Performance features : 

- New tubercle design inspired by the humpback whales’ pectoral fin.

- Takumas LOL designed upturned winglets gives our foils more efficient glide and lift with significantly less drag allowing the rider a more secure balanced feeling while foiling.

- Additional width and chord creates extreme glide with improved agility and acceleration while retaining excellent turning and carving in all conditions.

- Effortless low and high speed control.

Front Wing 

- Wing Span : 935 mm

- Chord : 162 mm

- Project area : 1210 cm2

Back Wing

- Wing Span : 390 mm

- Chord : 68 mm- Project area : 220 cm2

- Project area : 220 cm2