Takuma Full Foil Set Carbon 2 75cm Mast with HD 2 Fuselage, Kujira 2 950 Front Wing, Kujira 2 36 Tail

Takuma Full Foil Set Carbon 2 75cm Mast with HD 2 Fuselage, Kujira 2 950 Front Wing, Kujira 2 36 Tail

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What’s Included?

75cm Carbon 2 Mast with HD 2 Fuselage, covers, Kujira 2 950 Front Wing, Kujria 2 36 Tail Wing,  covers, hardware.

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Kujira II Range

Unleash your full potential

  • Allow riders of all levels to progress further and push the limit.

Pure glide experience

  • Precise design with minimal drag for an enhanced glide with effortless pumping and low stall speed.
  • Keeps you in full control and allows to fly at low speeds.

Carve with confidence

  • The tubercles on the edge of the front wing in combination with our new fuselage and selection of stabilizers allows for smooth rail to rail riding as well as tight turns and control at high speeds.

Fast acceleration

  • Ease of generating speed with a moderate front foot pressure for maximum acceleration.

Comfortable ride

  • The winglets reduces and redirects the angle of the vortex for less vibrations and more stability for a smooth and predictable ride.

Wing Specs


  • Surface: 950 cm2
  • Wingspan: 870 mm
  • Chord: 136,5 mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 8
  • Back wing: 38

Carbon Mast Set 2

Peak performance
The Takuma Carbon Mast Set will radically improve your performance and help you get the maximum of your foil. The super-stiff high-modulus mast profile with integrated top-plate decreases frontal resistance and reduces torsion. This in turn increases speed, stability and reactiveness.
Fuselage only compatible with Kujira 2.
Takuma Carbon Mast combined with the new conic shaped fuselage guarantees high rigidity, eliminating flex, securing connection between parts while delivers the smoothest of glides.
A solid connection
The Carbon Mast Set 2 will make an undeniable disruption to the foiling game, and will radically improve your performance and the pure feeling you get from riding.
The Carbon mast set features a stiff high modulus carbon shaft and integrated plate paired with an aluminum fuselage.
Variable chord
The shape of our Carbon mast has been optimized for overall flexural strength and torsional stiffness. The “variable chord” is wider closer to the top plate which gives maximum strength and stability. The chord gradually reduces in width and is much narrower at the joining with the fuselage, allowing for better glide, less drag, and more maneuverability. This combination also enables the foil to achieve much greater speed.
Locked-in mast
Secure airtight mast-fuselage connection. Maintaining a fully impenetrable connection with the foil, the new mast foot design improves lateral stiffness, securing a “one welded piece“ feeling between fuselage and mast.
Aluminum Fuselage
Front wing > fuselage: The sloped insert with an increased surface area and a flat connection for a secured fitting. Fasten with M8 for a solid connection. 2 x M8 screws – 650, 800, 950, 1100 3 x M8 screws – 1250, 1400.
Mast > fuselage: Conic shaped insert with a tapered and raised opening for a strong and secure connection. Fastened with 2 x M8 screws.
Back wing > fuselage: Curved connection to cup the back wing securely. Fastened with 1 x M8 screws.
Transport Cover
High-quality protection for your Carbon mast with an innovative magnetic closure and elastic support for securing the fuselage.