2017 Ride Engine Hex Core Harness

2017 Ride Engine Hex Core Harness

Rigid Waist Harness

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Ride Engine Hex Core

2017 Updates

• Improved waist belt with reworked spreader bar integration system
• Upgraded backplate stitching for increased durability
• Neoprene added to the interior of the waistbelt for added comfort and cushion
• Kite knife pocket added
• New sizes added: XS through XXL now available

What We Think

Ride Engine continues to improve their line of Hard Shell harnesses with the new 2017 Hex Core.  The low profile outline and Lumbar Lock make this harness really comfortable while keeping it firmly in place.  Slightly more flex than the Silver Elite.  This Harness is a game changer!

Ride Engine Says


Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in