2024 North Flex Twin Tip Binding

2024 North Flex Twin Tip Binding


At North, they understand comfort is critical to performance. That’s why they’ve dedicated two years to refining our best value lightweight binding, ensuring a balance of simplicity and support with a single fastening strap and anatomical cushioned footbed. They’ve identified exactly what you need and removed what you don’t, crafting every detail with fine precision.



  • Lightweight and minimal design
  • Fast assembly and adjustment
  • Anatomical comfort with grip when wet
  • Seamless KnitFlex top strap
  • Industry standard 6-6.5” screw spacings
  • Includes 2x Straps, 2x Footpads, 4x M6x16mm Buttonhead Screws


Lightweight minimal design

We’ve balanced simplicity and support with a single fastening strap, and we’ve optimised the footbed thickness and durometer for cushioned comfort.

Super-fast assembly with maximum adjustability

Simply drop the entire binding onto the board and insert the screw where you want it. The intuitive Flex connection system uses standardised M6x16mm screw hardware to fasten the binding to the board in various positions with easy stance adjustment to suit all riders. The oval hole allows for both 6”- 6.5” industry standard screw spacings.

Anatomical comfort with grip when wet

Lightweight, durable, and impact absorbing, with the grip pattern height increased for added comfort, its forward-angled anti-slip serration pattern helps your foot stay in place on various angles. The shock-absorbing footbed is ergonomically angled to encourage optimised weight distribution and knee alignment, provide core support and reduce pressure on your feet, knees, hips and back.

Seamless KnitFlex top strap

Our unique seamless KnitFlex lining is pre-tensioned and laminated to the conforming foam inner, so it can create a 3D-curve without any bunching or creasing, and there’s no stitching to rub on your foot.


Extended lateral arch supports

The arch supports are extended inside the strap to ensure comfort where the top strap meets the footbed, protecting your foot from the most rigid load-bearing part of the binding. No blisters, no hard edges.

Raised toe grip

The new softer toe bar has been engineered to suit different foot shapes, allowing the rider to grip on with toes and prevent your foot from slipping out during high rotation tricks and landings.

Shaped Heel Cup

The shaped heel cup cradles the heel and stabilizes the foot upon impact. They’ve engineered it wider on the new Flex so you can lock your foot sideways in both directions.

Injection Velcro Strap

Decreases sand and debris retention. Extended top flaps increase hold and reduce water lift.

Longitudinally Convexed Chassis Shape

The convex drives more pressure on to the tip and heel of the chassis when the binding is attached to the board, locking out sand and debris from under the binding.

FlipTech Mounting

For 2023 and 2024, all of the North TwinTip boards have their new fliptech mounting system, with centreline inserts. This means if you wear out one side of your board, simply flip the bindings around and you’ve got a fresh new heelside rail again. Flex bindings are compatible with both FlipTech boards and offline board mounting systems. The ‘2” indicator on the Flex is for the boards that have flip tech, and is our recommended setup positioning for a 15/-15 degree duck stance.

Two Size Options

We have found it’s more to do with the shape and angle of your upper foot than foot length when aiming for the most effective fit. Positioning and adjustment settings are printed on the binding to make setup simple and intuitive. With more labels printed on the binding than ever, you’ll never have to refer to the User Manual again.