Progressive Phish 2D Complete Kiteboard

Progressive Phish 2D Complete Kiteboard


Want bang for your buck? This price is unreal for a complete kiteboard.

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Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 58 × 17 in

Includes Kiteboard, Fins, Handle, Straps & Pads. Unbeatable price for a complete kiteboard!


Phish is a smooth freeride board designed for all conditions in mind. The Phish offers great stability and control across the water in all conditions. With a flat rocker line and wide tips, the Phish goes upwind very easily and maintains speed and consistent planing. The straps that come with the board are easily adjustable and will absorb the shock of choppy conditions. Pair this board with a used or closeout kite from our site and get a great beginner’s package.


  • Wood Core
  • Continuous Concave
  • Stainless inserts
  • Shaped ABS sidewalls
  • Owner information label
  • Back printed digital top sheet glossy
  • Back printed digital bottom sheet mat