BB Talkin Foam Ear Pads (Set of 2)

BB Talkin Foam Ear Pads (Set of 2)


Includes: x2: C shaped padded foam

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New exclusively from BbTALKIN USA, introducing our foam pads designed for our helmet headsets, baseball caps and surf hat. If you wish to add these foam ear pads to a headset previously purchased, please check to make sure the soft C shaped Velcro is on the helmet pad or on the hat/cap strap. If your headset does not have Velcro, you will not be able to install the foam ear pads.

IMPORTANT: These pads only work on helmet headsets, surf hats and baseball caps with the soft C shaped Velcro. See the pictures below:

If your helmet speaker pads or surf hat do not have this soft Velcro, you will need to purchase the new version to use the ear pads.

When you add these pads to your headset, they help keep the volume constant. When you set your student up out of the water, once they are in the water and riding, the outside noise interference is less. This is very helpful especially for coaching young students.

Comes in set of two.


C shaped paded foam.   The loop side is on the ear pad and the hook side is on the foam pads.