Travel Foil Package- Nobile Infinity Split Board w/ Allround and Slingshot SST

Travel Foil Package- Nobile Infinity Split Board w/ Allround and Slingshot SST

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Kite Foil Package is Great For Travel!


2018/2019 Nobile Infinity Split Hydrofoil

2018/2019 Nobile Allround Foil

2017 Slingshot SST 8m Kite

2019 Slingshot 17″ Compstick with Guardian Bar

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Kite Travel Foil Package

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2018/2019 Nobile Infinity Split Foil 5'2

Looking to travel and foil? Have a small car? Low on storage? Can you imagine a foil board in two pieces? This is the best way to have a compact foil board that seconds as a fun surf style board. Comes with fins and a travel sleeve.

2018/2019 Nobile Allround Complete Foil w/ 86cm mast

It’s probably the best aluminum carbon hydrofoil on the market. Nobile also wanted it to be user-friendly, safe and full disassembly, so you can pack it into a compact-sized luggage. We recommend the custom-made “check-in bag” which meets the criteria of airlines in terms of the maximum size of registered baggage. We have called our hydrofoil Zen, because when you ride on it, your mind becomes free and you're thinking clear as the water surrounding you.

2017 Slingshot Wave SST 8m

You will love the WAVE SST if you’re a dedicated kitesurfer, foiler or directional rider looking for a kite with unrivaled stability, serious downwind drift and unbelievable turning characteristics throughout the power zone.

2019 Slingshot Compstick w/ Guardian 17" x 20

This is the Compstick. Equipped with the strongest flying lines in the industry (800 lb test inside lines, 500 lb test outside lines), easy release/reset safety systems and a clean, comfortable interface, it instills confidence and lets you forget about your bar and ride like you’re connected directly to the kite.