1st Edition Naish Ride Kite

1st Edition Naish Ride Kite


Naish Ride (1st Edition) w/ option to add bar

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Naish Kites offer the Sigma Series! Naish have been at the forefront of the kiteboarding industry since the very beginning. A few years ago the bow kite took the kiting world by storm and Naish have developed this concept even further. Naish Introduced the Sigma Series!

The 2013 Naish Ride (1st Edition) is brand new two strut design that has an ultra light feel and excels at water relaunch. Comes with option to add a 2008 Slingshot Direct Drive Control Bar w/CSS for $150. Does not come with pump.

The Naish Ride was developed to make kiteboarding easy. With two struts, this kite has a really light and responsive feel. Beginners, intermediates and advanced riders will love the easy relaunch and big wind range of the Ride. This kite is incredibly light weight and stable in the sky.

• 2013 Ride Sizes: 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m
• Naish Kite Leash
• Single Point Octopus Inflation System
• Kite Backpack

We found that this kite is great for riders of all levels. Its a great kite to learn on due to its incredible relaunch and stability. It works great in the waves due to its range, depower and its resistance to back stalling.

Most Kites are all Black color scheme. Great for resisting stains.


2008 Slingshot Direct Drive Control Bar w/ CSS Sizes

17″ Bar w/ Safety Leash

The 2008 Slingshot Direct Drive Control Bar w/CSS & a NEW Center Safety System*: 100% depower safety and convenience below the bar – Lightest bar pressure: reduces elbow fatigue – Active stopper ball equipped -Carbon Control Bar -Power steering dug out -Quick Release Surefire Bungee -23 meter 400 lb Firewire rear lines -23 meter 800 lb Firewire front lines -Spectra leader lines -Lock-n-Load Chicken Loop -Internal sealed ball bearing swivel -Adjustable Chicken loop length -Bar Floats -2 Color Coded Oh Shit Handles -Adjustable Depower strap -Removable Chicken Bone -Slingshot’s commitment to unsurpassed customer service.