Manera Vagabond Impact Vest

Manera Vagabond Impact Vest


Vest Size

Large, XL



New disciplines often imply new risks. Nowadays, wing foilers and downwinders are going further offshore to tackle the best bumps.

Be prepared and “Ready to Escape.”

The VAGABOND Impact Vest has been developed as a minimalistic, highly comfortable vest featuring the necessary tools to go offshore.


Compact and Lightweight: The VAGABOND is designed for riders who want to push their level while staying safe. Made to provide the best balance between protection and freedom of movement, its thin 15mm foam layer will go unnoticed while riding. We made a vest that you’ll be happy – not compelled – to wear.

Ready to escape

It features individual PLASTIMO flashlight, whistle, reflective prints, and leash attachments for your accessories (like caps, VHF, phone case…). Most of us think they don’t need that kind of gear until something happens. Don’t wait until you’re stuck in a bad situation, these are not a burden when riding and can save your life.

Cut-resistant jersey

We have chosen a specific cut-resistant jersey to avoid any bad injuries due to a kite line, a foil, or anything sharp that you could encounter.

Big Pockets to Travel Light

Bring your stuff with you, whether it’s a tool, some snacks, or your phone; the two front pockets will be useful for these long days out there. These are built in airprene, meaning water will instantly leak out if it eventually comes in.

Sizing Chart

HEIGHT CM 155-175 158-181 162-185 167-188 170-192
                    INCH 61-69 62-71 64-73 66-74 67-76
WEIGHT KG 45-55 55-64 64-74 74-84 84-95
LB 99-121 121-141 141-163 163-195 185-209