Low Cost Kite Foil Package

Low Cost Kite Foil Package

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Package Includes: 

Progressive 4′ Foilboard

Slingshot FKite V4 Foil Package

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Hard to find a FOIL AND BOARD at this price! Most foils and boards alone are more than this! No more excuses...its time to buy a foil! Get more days on the water with this light wind foil setup! 

Progressive Riser 4' Foil Board

The Riser 4’ kiteboard was designed for all around Kite foiling. Beginners to seasoned foilers will find the Riser 4’ to be the perfect sized board. The Riser 4’ has just enough volume while on the water, and the perfect size once off the water to keep you stable and tricking. A double concave V nose helps deflect touchdowns and softens your landings. The turned up bottom rail increases through the tail and helps release the board from the water so you can soar higher than ever before. This gives the nose a wider surface area to plane quicker, and the tail a reduced surface to release from the water quicker - so you'll be bouncing and skipping off the surf with ease in no time.

  • Foil not included
  • Gore-Tex vent
  • EVA Deck pad with kicktail
  • Leash plug
  • Beveled Rails
  • Center Line footstrap inserts
  • Step Tail
  • Twin A Boxes


Length Width Thickness Volume
4' Kite 18.5" 2.9" 29L -


Slingshot Hover Glide FKite V4 Foil Package

Comes with a 28" mast which is ideal for foil surfing or kiting. It also includes a nice new bag to carry it all. This is great all around foil. It will surf well also if you are looking for something mainly for kiting but that can crossover.

The Hover Glide FKite package takes the guesswork out of finding a user-friendly and versatile freeride foil setup that you can enjoy for years to come. Equipped with the bat-like Space Skate 65cm front wing, this setup is stable and forgiving enough for entry-level foilers to learn with and is super agile and playful for more advanced freeriding as you progress.

+ NEW Neoprene wing covers & travel bag
+ 28” Aluminum Mast
+ Our hand-picked package for versatility and user-friendly freeride foiling
+ Space Skate wing has tons of range, playful feel and self-centering flight
+ Great for learning and progression- plenty of lift, forgiving response
+ Super playful side-to-side handling, feels like powder turns on a snowboard
+ Hover Glide is a modular system with a wide variety of add-on wings and components
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Package includes:
71cm (28”) mast, pedestal, shift fuselage, space skate 65 f ront wing,
42cm rear wing, hardware, shim, neoprene wing covers, travel bag
2020 Slingshot FKite tech specs
2020 Fkite Hover Glide Features