Lift E3 Carbon Efoil (Electric Hydrofoil)

Lift E3 Carbon Efoil (Electric Hydrofoil)

Includes Version 1.5 FULL SIZE Battery, Carbon Mast and your choice of any foil set! Brand New and Last One!

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Plus a completely customizable lineup of foil hardware to help find your perfect ride.

Lift E3/V3 (Version 3) Electric Foil (E-Foi)

Plus a completely customizable lineup of foil hardware to help find your perfect ride.

  • Ride Time 100 minutesThe eFoil is equipped with an advanced lithium-ion battery allowing for up to 100 minutes of riding with our Full Range Battery, or 60 minutes with our Light Battery.
  • Bluetooth Hand ControllerAn ergonomic, waterproof Bluetooth controller that easily shows battery life, and allows you to swap intuitively between performance settings.

Extremely Quiet

With the LIFT3, we have improved the intricacies of our eFoil designs to reduce any acoustic noise down to near-silence so that when you fly… Now it’s just you and Mother Nature.





The LIFT3 eFoil motor is extremely efficient and quiet through the water, and it packs enough power to pull two riders at the same time.



The LIFT3 propellers are precision machined out of a solid block of aluminum. We hand polish and balance each propeller to perfection before finishing with a hard anodization.



Our protective shroud has been redefined to not only offer safety and peace of mind to the rider, but improved hydrodynamics and added stability to the overall ride.


The details make the perfect ride

Refined Materials

Lift eFoils are built in highly refined steel tools used to forge carbon fiber parts at extreme temperatures and heat, providing a unique marbled carbon fiber that is lighter and stronger than other eFoils.


Customize Your Ride

Our 10 years of experience in hydrofoil wing design makes all the difference – each eFoil has a wide mix-and-match selection of options to help you achieve the ideal ride when optimizing for performance, stability, and environment.


Global Community

Over 300 partners worldwide available for demos, trainings, and finding new friends to ride with.



The LIFT3 is fully customizable to offer you a bespoke foiling experience.

The shape of the wing changes the eFoil riding experience, and we offer a wide selection of dynamic wings for all types of eFoil experiences.



Want to teach 10 friends how to foil on one battery charge? Or maybe your grandparents want to ride too … No problem on the LIFT3 5’9″ Explorer!

Anybody can ride the 5’9″ Explorer and experience the sensation of flying over water without having previous skills or water sports know-how.

A great tool for sharing the stoke with absolutely everyone.



Dimensions: 5’9″ x 31″ x 105 liters

Board Weight: 34.0 lbs. (15.4 kg)

Board Weight with Propulsion* and Wings**: 48.5 lbs. (22.0 kg)

Maximum Rider Weight Supported: 300 lbs. (136 kg)


* Propulsion: 28″ Mast with shroud

** Wings: 200 Surf V2 Front Wing, 48 Surf V2 Back Wing



The 250 Surf V2 Front Wing and the 48 Surf V2 Back Wing will be the standard here. Absolute control and low-speed flying

Try the 300 Surf V2 Front Wing. It’s an almost comically-large wing size, but everyone at Lift absolutely loves to ride it. It’s a perfect tool for learning how to foil. Every school should have one

Additional information

Board Size

4'2" Pro (Sporty Performance Good Slide), 4'9" Sport (Most Versatile Athletic Best Seller), 5'4" Cruiser (Stable Responsive Easy to Ride), 5'9" Explorer (Very Stable Great for new riders)


Brushed Blue, Brushed White, Carbon Black


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