Lift Foils 250 Surf V2

Lift Foils 250 Surf V2


Balance, efficiency and versatility

Best for: Larger riders, and foilers riding at slower speed.

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The Details

• The big brother to the 200 Surf V2

• If you’re a larger rider and need some extra float and stability, this is a great option.

• For eFoiling, this wing can offer a lot more stability and lower riding.

• Pair with a shorter board to gain maneuverability at lower riding speeds.

The 250 Surf V2 is built for riders that need extra float and stability. Perfect for larger foilers, or if you ride shorter surf foil boards or a shorter eFoil and want to gain maneuverability at lower riding speeds-- the 250 is both stable and responsive.

Surf V2 Lineup

Lift’s new Surf V2 Lineup has been carefully crafted for efficiency, balance and versatility.

This new range of wings are “mid aspect”--meaning that the wing span offers a true balance between efficiency and turning, working for multiple foil disciplines. Whether surfing, eFoiling or sailing, riding on our new mid-aspect lineup will lower resistance, and increase the ability to carve an aggressive turn.

Experience the balance for yourself.


Lift (MHL)

Lift used to be called MHL. They are the leaders in carbon hydrofoil market. Pioneering the E-foil and created top of the line foils for surfing, kiting, paddleboarding and more.