2015 ION APEX Waist Harness

2015 ION APEX Waist Harness

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Looking for a comfortable and flexable harness with great support? This is it!

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in

Includes ION Apex Select Harness and Spreader Bar


This harness is geared more towards the wave, freeride, and race styles of riding.  With a flexable fit through the back this allows for a comfortable feel through your wave riding.  The harness is exceptionally light to add to the comfortability.  This new Apex now has the WORLD’S FIRST fully molded protection pad for the spreader bar.  This adds to the harness being light weight by lessoning the absorption load.  Here is what ION has to say about the features in this killer harness:


X Spine 2.0 – X-style shaped and thermo moulded EVA protection which protects the back without stiffening the harness.

Invisible Seam – Connecting the supporting structure with the Soft_Edge without a binding. This ensures a smooth transition from the harness mid part to the neoprene rim.

Hip-Protection – Bending sideways the pelvis bones get protected by a special foam padding.

Dual Density Foam – Thermomoulded inside foam construction in 2 different density areas: adaption area = middle zone = soft ; protection area = side zones = solid

Torsion Free Construction – A splitted inside reinforcement construction gives the harness an all directions flexibility.

Soft Edge – A soft neoprene edge around the supportive structure makes you forget that you wear a harness.

3D Zone Shape – Partial 3D zone shape in horizontal and vertical direction provides a perfect body fit and avoids the harness from slipping upwards.

Push Button Spreader Bar – Save and easy release system for the spreader bar.

Belt Garage – Neoprene pockets over the buckles allow storing away the webbing endings in a slick and easy way.

Bar Keeper Belts – The belt construction connects the lower part of the spreader bar to the lower part of the harness, thereby the Bar_Keeper_Belt helps to keep the spreader bar in the low position.