Hyperflex Amp 3/2 mm Front Zip Kite Suit

Hyperflex Amp 3/2 mm Front Zip Kite Suit

Hyperflex Amp Kite Series Wetsuit with Front Zip

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Hyperflex Amp 3/2 mm Front Zip Kite Suit

The AMP front zip series returns for the second year, totally redesigned from the ground up to include wind specific features. A new pattern profile, all new AMPstretch superstretch materials and the addition of exterior liquid seam taping highlight the new 2010 AMP front zip.

  • AMP Asymmetrical-Diagonal Front Zip
    Entryway (5/3 only)
    Our AMP Asymmetrical front zip entry has been proven and perfected over the last 2 years in winter riding conditions.
  • AMP Mini Front Zip Entryway
    (4/3 and 3/2)
    The most refined front entry on the market. Stretch fit and double barrel cinch toggles ensure a correct fit without
    flushing for all body types.
  • Zig-Zag Thermal Lining
    Zig-Zag thermal lining on the chest,  back and hood panels for crucial core warmth and moisture wicking in very cold conditions.
  • Bombproof Harness Zone
    Minimal Seaming and panels in the harness area for added durability and strength to reduce wear and tear on the wetsuit.
  • 100% Liquid Taped Sealed Seams
    All critical external seams are glued, blind-stitched and liquid taped for warmth, durability and flexibility. All interior stress points are then spot taped for added strength.
  • A.D.S. AquaVent Drain System
    Our industry exclusive A.D.S. System channels water out of the suit through the 3 lower leg drain vents.
  • Double Gator Lock
    Our leg cinch features a Double Gator Lock closure system to ensure no water will enter and that the cinch will not accidentally open during your session.
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 11 × 15 in