GoFoil Maliko 200 (M200) w/ 24.5″ Mast Set Complete


This package includes:

  • Front wing cover
  • Tail wing cover
  • Mast cover
  • Mallet, screw driver and screws
  • Mast/fuselage 24.5″ Tuttle mast (The easiest and safest mast to learn on in our line. This mast is easier to control and is for the tide conscious rider looking to rider in shallow waters.)

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GoFoil Maliko 200 Set Complete

Wing Span: 41″

The largest wing in the collection! The larger surface area of the Maliko 280 makes it best suited for slower speeds which translates to added confidence and safety. It is the ideal choice for learning to foil using slow speeds and riders wanting to learn to downwind foil.

Rider Profile

  • Under 140: Downwind wing for advanced riders or when you just need the most maximum lift possible.
  • 140-180: Downwind wing for advanced riders in windy conditions. *
  • 180-210: Downwind wing for advanced riders in windy conditions and/or small wave conditions. *