Epic Kiteboarding Golf Bag

Epic Kiteboarding Golf Bag


Epic Kiteboarding Golf Travel Bag for boards up 146 cm or 152cm

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The Golf Bag comes in two sizes: The golf bag will fit up to two boards and three kites. Great for traveling and just getting all the gear to and from the beach.

Large: 152cm x 35cm x 42cm
Small: 146cm x 34cm x 38cm

This golf bag is super lightweight with an unbeatable pricepoint. This is a great way to transport your kiteboarding gear on the airline. This bag can fit tons of equipment. New product from Epic bags, the Epic Kite Golf Bag with wheels. This well made bag is perfect way to transport a ton of gear. With the pricepoint on this board, it basically pays for itself if you escape the excess baggage fee once at the airport by checking your “Golf Bag”. If you are tired of getting charged for bringing your kite gear, then this a golf bag that everyone can afford.