Duotone Sky Start Wing Foil Board

Duotone Sky Start Wing Foil Board


Size 6’7”
Volume 155L
Width 31”/78cm
Length 6’7”/200cm
Weight 9.07
Fittings 2x US Foil Tracks
Rec. User Weight >115kg
Footstrap Options 3 Duotone Footstraps
Board Deck Color (Pantone) 3125C (EVA)

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Learn Wing Foiling in no time with the Sky Start – the easiest possible entry into the exciting world of flying above the water!

Based on the Sky Wing Soft Top and the feedback of our unmatched network of schools and centers, we’ve updated the concept of the perfect learner board and designed the Sky Start.

With a length of 6’7”, 31 inches of width and a volume of 155l, the completely new outline of the Sky Start offers a very stable and safe platform for those learning the basic steps from crawling onto the board to finding the right stance and their first take-off. For those riders being able to safely fly along and learning first gybes and tacks, the Sky Start is still compact enough for a great flying sensation to have fun and progress.

Covered entirely in soft and gentle EVA pad around the rails and the full deck, the Sky Start makes the entry into Wing Foiling as comfortable and user friendly as you possibly imagine!



Full croc skin EVA deck and higher density EVA rail pad for grip, comfort and longevity (softer pad compared to 2022 Sky Wing Soft Top)


Rectangular outline maximizes stability with entry friendly length, width and volume


Center line bumper and lines in pad graphics help learners to find the perfect foot position


Low rocker line and hard release edges for maximum glide and earliest take-off possible


Clean bottom contours with slightly rolled Vee in the nose section for uninterrupted touch-downs


Footstrap inserts for double front strap, single diagonal front strap or new straight single front strap


Double screw inserts for back strap


Subtle deck recess for comfort, control and a direct connection with the foil


Carrying handles in deck and bottom for easy access and transport


White bottom for easy repairs


Vacuum Sandwich technology with extra reinforcements in stress areas and full EVA pad covering deck and rails



Our Vacuum Sandwich technology combines a solid construction with great performance. Made in a complex multi-step vacuum process with multiple reinforcements in stress areas such as boxes, centre spine and a full bamboo patch in the entire stance area with additional carbon patches under the heels and extra rail bands around the rails. The rising level in wing foiling led us inevitably to multiple refinements of this layup over the years to make it strong without being excessive on the weight. The Soft Top version of this construction comes with grippy and 
comfortable full EVA deck and higher density EVA rails.

01 90° fibre layer with light finish

02 45° carbon full rail protection

03 Bamboo wrap deck & rails

04 90° fibre layer

05 90° fibre patch stance area

06 Bamboo patch stace area

07 45° carbon patch stance area

08 High density pvc patch stance area

09 Glass patch stance area

10 Light EPS core

11 90° fibre layer

12 Bamboo wrap bottom

13 12K carbon patch tracks to stance area

14 90° fibre patch tracks to stance area

15 90° fibre patch tracks to stance area

16 90° fibre layer with light finish