2024 Duotone Unit D/Lab Wing

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2024 Duotone Unit D/Lab Wing



Duotone wings do not come with leashes. Need a wing leash? Click here! 

The revolutionary Unit D/LAB wing is the pinnacle of performance wing design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Unit D/LAB combines advanced design with cutting-edge materials to deliver an unparalleled riding experience.

At the heart of the Unit D/LAB Wing lies the groundbreaking Aluula material, used in the leading edge and strut. By incorporating Aluula, we have achieved that our D/LAB wings are not only light, but also incredibly responsive.

The reduced diameter of the leading edge and strut enhances the Unit D/LABs efficiency and reducing drag. The premium Aluula also absorbs gusts to provide a smooth ride even in challenging winds.

Designed with performance and rider comfort in mind, the Unit D/LAB features a longer carbon front handle. This ergonomic design enables effortless one-handed riding, opening new realms of tricks and maneuvers now possible. The strategically angled strut profile, ensures a natural riding position, providing superior comfort especially when riding toe side.

Refinements to the wing’s outline, twist, and canopy tension further elevate the overall performance. With precise adjustments to the geometry, the Unit D/LAB Wing delivers exceptional stability and control when fully powered, while offering improved drift when flagged out while on the wave or riding downwind.

Whether you crave the exhilaration of carving through the surf, executing jaw-dropping aerial maneuvers with extended hang time, or are seeking powerful straight-line performance with unmatched lift, the D/LAB Wing is the ultimate choice.

Immerse yourself in the seamless fusion of cutting-edge materials, advanced design, and uncompromising performance and take your riding to new heights with the Unit D/LAB.


  • PERFORMANCE: Lightest weight, fastest response and highest performance
  • IMPROVED HANDLES: Higher riding comfort through improved handle angles and positions
  • RIDING OPTIONS: One-handed riding option
  • POWER DISTRIBUTION: Consistent power distribution through gusts and lulls
  • DRIFT STABILITY: Improved drift stability for effortless surfing
  • MOD3 CANOPY ENHANCEMENTS: Solid feel and power when pumping- Better draft stability so rider doesn’t have to move hands in a gust- Better top end control and depower- Higher durability
  • MATERIAL: Aluula frame and strut
  • REDUCED DRAG: Smaller leading edge diameter for reduced drag
  • FRONT HANDLE: Extended carbon front handle
  • REDUCED WINGSPAN: Reduced wingspan in smaller sizes
  • STRUT SHAPE: Ergonomic strut shape
  • CANOPY: Refined canopy tension over the entire canopy
  • MOD3: MOD3 canopy
Size 2m 2.5m 3m 3.5m 4m 4.5m 5m 5.5m 6m 6.5m
Windrange (KTS) 27-45 23-40 19-37 16-33 14-30 12-28 10-25 9-22 8-20 7-18
Wingspan (cm) 213 237 260 280 299 327 344 361 377 392
Control Unit 2 Handles 2 Handles 2 Handles 2 Handles 2 Handles 2 Handles 2 Handles 2 Handles 2 Handles 2 Handles
Rec. Leash Size 4” (M) 4” (M) 4” (M) 4” (M) 4” (M) 4” (M) 5” (L) 5” (L) 5” (L) 5” (L)

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Wing Size

3.5m, 4.5m, 4m, 5.5m, 5m, 6.5m, 6m


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