Contour Kite Line Mount

Contour Kite Line Mount

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Contour Kite Line Mount

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Hook up your Contour Camera to your kiteboarding kite lines!


The CAMRIG Contour Line Mount is engineered to make shooting photos and video while you ride a breeze.

Utilizing the Contour TRail™ system, the CAMRIG Contour Line Mount is easily configured & fits virtually any 4 or 5 line kite bar.

Combined with the Contour GPS Camera or Contour+ Camera, you can easily track your latitude/longitude, jump heights and speed all while recording full 1080p HD video.

For extra safety and stability, add a set of CAMRIG Line Mount Plugs to your Contour Line Mount.


  • Independently flexible and tensioned line arms
  • Lightweight and tough reinforced nylon construction
  • Utilizes a standard leash to prevent camera loss

Accepted Cameras

CAMRIG Line Mount works with all Contour TRail™ based cameras.

  • Contour HD
  • Contour ROAM
  • Contour GPS
  • Contour Plus