Combo Kiteboarding Package (2.5 Hr Intro and 2 Hr of Water Lesson)

Combo Kiteboarding Package (2.5 Hr Intro and 2 Hr of Water Lesson)


Combo Package- 2.5 Hour Intro Kiteboarding Lesson and 2 additional Hours of Lessons


$475 for about 4.5 Hours

(Rate is for One Person!! If you are looking to do a lesson with a friend, use the multiple person rates for Intro Lesson and Hourly Lesson)

Intro Lesson (~2.5 Hours) and Two (2) Additional Hours of Water Time! 

If you are serious and ready to learn, this is the package for you! Payment required upfront for the Combo Package to lock in the discount. No refunds will be given once the Combo Course is booked. This class can be done all in one day (weather and schedule permitted) or over multiple days. This is the best option to start the path of becoming a kiteboarder! 

Gift Certificates will be emailed after purchase is complete. This is usually within 24 hours. Recipient will call or email to schedule lesson. If purchasing for someone else, please specify who the Gift Certificate is for via email, note option or phone.

This package includes the Intro Lesson and 2 Hours of Water Lessons

This lesson can be done on land or in shallow water (condition dependent). It is very important to learn proper kite skills before adding the element of water.
In this lesson you will:
- Fly a trainer* (foil) Kite to learn basic Kite control
- Determine desired wind directions and speeds
- Learn basic terminology
- Learn about the "Wind Window"
- Setup an inflatable kite
- Learn basic kite control with an inflatable kite
- Rotate and un-rotate the bar
- Activate the safety system/quick release mechanism
- Learn how to "Self Rescue"
- Explore all areas of the "Wind Window" while learning the clock positions
- Learn how to launch and land
- Pilot the kite with one hand and walking with the kite
- Simulate board start or downwind body drags
- Learn about launching and landing
Water Lessons: This lesson normally uses WATERCRAFT SUPPORT IN FLAT SHALLOW WATER!!!. This takes away all your worries by allowing you to practice in open water free from all obstructions.
Water Lessons are normally given at The 520 Slick
In this lesson you will:
- Master kite setup
- Master one hand flying
- Downwind body drags
- Upwind body drags
- Upwind body drags with board
- Recover board using body drags
- Master Self Rescue
- Learn how to board start in both directions
- Work on riding and going upwind
- Learning how to jump
- Learn to change directions
- Work on any aspect of your riding!


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