Chinook Pedestal Plate to Deep Tuttle Mount Adapter

Chinook Pedestal Plate to Deep Tuttle Mount Adapter


Now fits Naish Foils hole alignment plus others!

See image detailing spacing between holes to determine compatibility.

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Product Details

The PowerPlate makes it simple to bolt any windsurf board with a Deep Tuttle style fin-box to the common 4-Hole plate pattern found on most kite and windsurf foils today.
  • Use the included bolts to screw the PowerPlate to the 4-Hole plate on your foil
  • Mount to your windsurf board through the fin-box using your current fin-bolt(s).
  • Fore & Aft fine tuning can be done with the multiple mounting hole system. Forward = quicker lift, Backward = slower lift
  • The PowerPlate is made from 2 pieces of solid aluminum and includes an attached 3/16″ foam padding for your board bottom.

User Instructions:

  1. Be sure to use a Metric 6mm fin-bolt.
  2. Be cautious not to cross-thread the fin-bolt
  3. Be sure to get a least 12 complete turns into the PowerPlate. (Max # of turns is 16 or 3/4″). You may need a longer screw.
  4. Be certain to tighten the fin bolt hard enough to compress the foam. Check & tighten as needed.
  5. If your board has a big V-bottom, add extra foam to outer plate edges to add lateral stiffness.
  6. Use a leash regardless of your foil/fin-box setup. Impact with a log or other could cause your foil to sink.
  7. Adjust the head or plate mounting bolts to your preferred fore/aft position.
Wing Forward=More lift Wing Rearward=Less lift (better learning) The PowerPlate has a 12 month warranty against manufacturers’ defects. This does not include damage from impact or loss/damage to your foil or board regardless of impact or not.

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