Carved Imperator 6 Carbon Edition Board

Carved Imperator 6 Carbon Edition Board

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Carved Imperator 6 Carbon

Meet the board that would make Bernoulli and Coanda proud. A board that masters fluid dynamics to smooth out unruly chop, carve stylish turns, and inspire. See, feel and experience a lightwind masterpiece. See the shimmer of the proprietary carbon fiber and the unique hand finished rails of the new Imperator 6 LW. Feel the perfectly sanded edges. And now, experience the power, control and sheer pleasure the new LW edition generates in the lightest of winds.


The progressive rocker is more pronounced between the pads where it's needed and less so on the tips

Although stunning on the surface, the real beauty remains hidden below. The unique Cartan® carbon unibody construction is a masterstroke in production technology.

The wood core is encapsulated with our proprietary, tight weave, low resin, 30° biaxial carbon fiber weave that optimizes board torsion and dynamic longitudinal flex.

100% Cartan® carbon fiber envelopes a heart of Paulownia to create a unibody prodigy.

Two additives are used for maximum UV protection. The surface and resin have special UV blocking additives to double the protection on your investment.


Under the exclusive Cartan carbon fiber, you will find a heart of solid, CNC milled, Paulownia wood. Known by boat builders as the finest nautical wood available, it resists decay and has superb flex characteristics.

Carved uses only the finest hand selected, marine grade, Paulownia wood. It’s long fibers and a unique directional adhesive application give the wood core its strength, reflexivity, and dynamic pop.


The signature Imperator soul is alive and well in the new 6. Its powerful yet comfortable character is confidence inspiring even in tough, choppy conditions. Peerless performance derived, in part, from its new hull features.The new and distinctive keel cuts through chop and delivers an unmatched level comfort especially in tougher, gustier, conditions. The double concaves straddle the hard keel and generate additional grip especially when loading the edge. And who does not enjoy the adrenalin rush in anticipation of a perfect launch?The hand shaped rails feature a new hard rail design that releases water better at speed thereby reducing drag. The new “round edge with a corner” improves drag yet still leverages the Coandă effect a rounded rail generates to carve buttery smooth turns.

When it comes explosive pop, the Imperator 6 is far ahead of the pack. The power generated by the Ellipse tips is undeniable and grin inducing. The double concave hull between the straps transitions to a mono concave on each tip. It might be harder for us to build but it’s worth the effort in the end.


The sunny Baltic island of Fehmarn, a mecca for kite boarders, has been the home of Carved Customs since 2001. No Imperator leaves this German island without a nod from its master craftsmen.Manufactured by master craftsmen since 2001. Craftsman that put their heart and soul into each board. Visit Fehmarn and you will likely meet your board builder on a shiny black board at a local beach. You see, they don't just build masterpieces, they live the kiter’s dream

The popular 139 is optimized for riders between 80 and 110 kg (175-240 pounds) in weight. Enjoy this standard bearer with 1.9” fins.


133cm x 40cm, 135cm x 41cm, 137cm x 42cm, 139cm x 42.5cm, 141cm x 43cm, 145cm x 44cm, 151cm x 45cm, 157cm x 49cm



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