Cabrinha 3 for 2 Kite Sale!!

Cabrinha 3 for 2 Kite Sale!!


*Effective 5/27 Through 6/30*

This deal is supported by Cabrinha, and as a result, some or all of the kites you order may be shipped directly from their warehouse in Miami. 

How it works:

Buy 2 2022 Cabrinha Kites, get 1 FREE!!

**No more stock of any switchblades Larger than 9m. Switchblades over 9m are NOT included in this deal**

**Please note that due to the popularity of this deal shipping delays may occur as a result**

**We will do our best to accommodate color preferences**

Out of stock

Choose between Cabrinha's 2022 Contras, Drifters, FX2, Motos, and Switchblades! Feel free to mix and match to suit your needs; just note that one of the kites must be a 9m or smaller to qualify as the FREE kite.  

Color availability will vary based off variations of line of Kite and Kite Size.  

C1 - Red/Blue, C2 - Yellow/Blue, C3 - Teal, C4 - Blue/Blue