Armstrong Performance Mast 725

Armstrong Performance Mast 725


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Highly maneuverable for prone surf, pump, SUP surf, wake, downwind and wing.

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Armstrong Foils

Looking for an Armstrong foil, mast, foilboard, complete foil, or fuselage? Armstrong foils are known for their impeccable workmanship, surf, kite, tow stability and have been developed for you the rider who will not accept any substitute. Armstrong masts are renowned for their strength and light-weight design. Using full carbon foil technology combined with precision, Armstrong is becoming a market leader in the Wing, SUP, Kite, Surf, Tow, and Wake world.  We carry Armstrong's full line of foils. -Check out Armstrong's latest products including:
  • HS625
  • HS1050
  • CF1200
  • HS1250
  • HS1550 V2
  • CF1600
  • HS1850 HA1125
  • CF2400 v2

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The Performance mast range is a clean-sheet design that takes the Armstrong feeling riders know and love to new heights. Sophisticated engineering and top shelf Toray high modulus carbon give these masts a unique combination of efficiency, stiffness and control at speed.

Due to overwhelming demand from riders seeking expanded size options in the Performance mast range, Armstrong has developed the 865, 725 and 655. As foiling equipment becomes increasingly discipline and spot-specific, they’re here to enable riders to explore their progression across the board.


Length: 725mm

Weight: 1700g


Prone, Surf, Pump, SUP, Surf, Wake, Downwind, Wing