AK Nomad Foilboard

AK Nomad Foilboard


Lightwind wingboard & downwind crossover foilboard. Intuitive stability, control & maneuverability. Lightweight & durable Carbon construction.

Foil Board Volume

115 Liters, 140 Liters, 90 Liters

The all-new Nomad foilboard is an intuitive and stable lightwind and downwind crossover board with effortless gliding capabilities. Perfect for catching long drawn out waves, downwinding, or getting up on the foil in the lightest wind with your wing.

With its optimized length and width, the Nomad features a parallel outline, volume distributed for flight, and a forward foil position that will allow you to keep the same stance as you paddle for take-off, and get up on the foil.

90L 6’6” x 20.5” x 5.2”

115L 7’0” x 23” x 5.4”

135L 7’6” x 24.5” x 5.6”

Key Features


The forward foil position creates a perfect balance when on foil, ensuring that the relatively long length is balanced front to back. This allows easy pumping, stability under foot, and maximum maneuverability.


The high volume oriented towards the nose area prevents the nose from bogging down as you drive through your front foot. The concave deck creates a stable platform by lowering the riders center of gravity.


The pin tail creates an extremely clean release and works in conjunction with the narrow overall width and narrow nose for infinite glide.


The narrow nose slices through the water and works in conjunction with the narrow overall width and pin tail for infinite glide.


The bottom shape features a displacement optimized nose area for low speed glide, transitioning into a planing hull tail area with hard edges for smooth touch downs and immediate release. The intermediate rocker has been refined to enable immediate glide and efficient low speed take offs.