2024 Cabrinha Moto XL Apex

2024 Cabrinha Moto XL Apex



Threshold winds have always been the toughest challenge to any kite designer. Do you make a powerful kite, but sacrifice turning and playfulness, or do you make a light kite, but sacrifice the low end power that gets you up and going.

Building off the highly successful Moto X platform with the combination of the materials used in the Apex Series, Pat Goodman was able to skillfully handcraft the perfect blend between power and fun.

The lightweight Ultra HT and the new Featherlite bladders bring down the weight, but also aid in the fun lively feel of the kite.

The MotoXL Apex is the kite you need in your quiver. The ultimate session saver, it will have you coming off the water with that look on your face which makes everyone know just how much fun you had.


3 Strut / Moderate aspect ratio hybrid design / Reactive wing tip / Fast, lean and efficient profiles


  • NEW Ultra HT – strong, stable, and responsive material, exclusive to the Apex series
  • NEW Apex Bridle – thinner and lower elongation bridle for optimal efficiency and reactive steering
  • NEW Bi-directional pure profile panels
  • NEW Feather Lite bladders
  • NEW Ultra-Reactive steering response
  • NEW Refined low end performance for better upwind ability
  • NEW Contra DNA, Modernized Moto agility and handling
  • NEW Effortless relaunch in the lightest of wind conditions
  • Nano Ripstop Canopy, the benchmark in durability, stability and responsiveness
  • Trailing edge EVA rigidity battens
  • Durable TPU Leading edge bumpers