2020 North Sense Kite Foilboard

north Sense

Step up your foiling game on the water with roll to ride water starts, magic glide, fast set up and fuss-free travelling. The Sense offers intuitive modern technology, strength and performance in a user-friendly TwinTip-style foil board. Even on the lightest wind days, this board makes it all possible.


Effortless water starts

Neutral buoyancy with low volume and thin rail gives an easy roll to ride.

A tonne of fun

Lightweight composite construction
Perfect for travelling
Four-point screw-in connection system
Price performance
Foil sold separately

Board, Sense/Chase Foil Board Screw Set, Free Foil Strap Set (M6)



North Kiteboarding draws deep roots from North Sailing. The new North is not to be confused with Duotone who used to be branded as North.