2018 Nobile T5 Women’s Kiteboard 134 x 40cm

2018 Nobile T5 Women’s Kiteboard 134 x 40cm

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2018 Nobile T5 Women's 134cm Kiteboard

Main features
  • High comfort, thanks to the flex pattern and stance which is tailored to women’s needs
  • Solid edge grip
  • Easy to ride
  • Excellent upwind and choppy water performance
  • Spectacular pop (APS - Pre-Stress Technology)

Flex (1-10): 6
Rocker line: Flat Continuous
Bottom construction: Wavy Channels system

  • Wavy Channels system makes the board ride like it is on rails.
  • Improved Pre-Stress technology promotes the outstanding edge grip, pop and strengthens reactivity.
  • Asymmetric outline facilitates curves and turns without any negative impact on upwindperformance.
  • Stance and flex adjusted to women’s needs.