2013 Slingshot Glide Complete 160×40.6

2013 Slingshot Glide Complete 160×40.6

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The 2013 Slingshot Glide is designed to keep you upwind in even the lightest conditions. It’s extended length and slightly increased rocker will allow you to get out on lightwind days and still enjoy the performance of a traditional twin-tip.

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Brand new new board but has a couple scratches on the bottom from resting against fins of another board. It is labeled a B-grade due to some blemishes in the graphics. Nothing that wouldnt happen the first time you use it anyway though! It does not affect the performance of the board in any way.


Completely reengineered for 2013, the new Glide feeds off of efficiency. With this efficient new shape, we’ve provided more surface area and created a longer rail line to get the most out of your light wind conditions. The refocused shape allows you to ride upwind easily while reducing spray. The more narrow outline positions your heels closer to the edge for more power and control. The Glide’s ultra light core and super durable sidewalls are built to keep you on the water with minimal wind and still have fun while everyone else is sitting on the beach.

This board comes COMPLETE with fins, handle, and slingshot bolt-on straps.

Rider Profile

Ideal for riders looking to stay on the water in light
wind conditions. High performance from jumping to
freeride cruising sessions.



160 x 40.6 cm (37.1cm at tip/tail)



Fin Screws:
1/4 20 x 1/2 Truss Head Philips
Grab Handle Screws:
1/4 20 x 5/8 Truss Head Philips