ZEM Ninja

ZEM Ninja

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ZEM Ninja Split Toe Minimalist footwear for watersports. Great for Strapless or strapped riding! Great protection with full feeling.

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These are perfect for Kiteboarding, Surfing, Running, Beach or SUP. They stay on your feet but you do not loose any of the feeling of your toes/feet. Great for strapless riding or fold them up and stick them in your pocket for after those downwinders! Protection from those shells, rocks and other sharp objects. These are lighter and more flexible than the Vibram Five Finger booties with an amazing pricepoint!

All ZEM stocked are Black/Silver in color.


Split toe + high secure-fit collar = ultimate foot agility and snug fit. Want to be as close to barefoot as possible with the protection you deserve?

The Ninja High with its split toe and ankle-hugging features deliver complete flexibility and grip-ability for your foot by separating the big toe from the balancing 4 digits. The big toe provides the push off drive and power while the remaining toes grant effective landing stability and balance.

Preferred by active sand & water sport athletes, SUP and kite-boarders this pattern keeps sand out, avoids blisters or rubs from hot sand/fins while adding traction for secure footing. Great for activities in hot or cold sand, in and around water. The Ninja high true gives you great barefoot sensory feedback in combination with lateral movements, forward propulsion and traction.

ACTIVITIES enter the Zone of Endless Motion
Beach Volleyball – Kiteboarding – Boot Camp
Paddleboarding – Scuba – Cross Fit – Beach Soccer – Standup Paddleboarding

Sand & Beaches
Wood flooring
Work-out Mats
Treadmills & Gym flooring
Hotels & Spas
Cruise Ships
Car, Airport, Planes & Mass Transit


  • High, secure-fit collar to keep out sand and debris
  • Split toe pattern for ultimate “grip-ability” and true barefoot feel
  • Form fitting 4-way stretch upper accommodates multiple widths and foot shapes
  • Breathable & drainable upper fabric protects from elements
  • Patented high-frequency tech bands grant lateral stability for athletes
  • Traction lug outsole protects while enhancing your barefoot sensation


  • Firm footing and snug fit for protection and lateral support
  • Strengthens the natural arch and re-conditions feet
  • Proprioception allows data to travel faster from feet to brain
  • Barefoot activities and exercise can help manage and mitigate stress and body fatigue


International Size Chart

Printable Size Chart


XXS Men: 4.5 – 5.5
Women: 5.5 – 6.5
XS Men: 6 – 7
Women: 7 – 8
S Men: 7.5 – 8.5
Women: 8.5 – 9.5
M Men: 9 – 10
Women: 10 – 11
L Men: 10.5 – 11.5
Women: 11.5 – 12.5
XL Men: 12 – 13
XXL Men: 14 – 15
Upper 4-way stretch upper elastane fabric with high frequency welded tech-bands
Sole Super-soft, extra-pliable grip-rubber
Sole Protective outsole with grip traction lugs
Care Machine washable. No dryer.

Women’s (7) 2.016 oz
Men’s (8) 2.176 oz