WMFG Kite Pump 1.0

WMFG Kite Pump 1.0


These are incredibly efficient pumps with gauges and pressure options that other pumps do not have.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 25 × 6 in

Includes: One WMFG 1.0 Pump (short) – Comes with heavy duty hose, gauge and rope/tether. These pumps have a built in filter to keep sand out! The hose on this pump has twist mechanism that is superior to most other pumps with similar design. It also comes with a bag of attachments to make sure it fits your kite! This is the staffs top pick for a pump!


You will not want to use another kind of pump after you use a WMFG pump. The increased can volume makes pumping your kite much easier than it used to be. When you get to about 80% inflation, then switch the flow valve to high pressure. The change in setting makes high pressure easy to acheive without added force (Meaning you save your back).

Short : 20.5″