USED Slingshot PFI 633 Full Foil Package

USED Slingshot PFI 633 Full Foil Package

Original price was: $2,207.89.Current price is: $1,324.74.

What’s Included?

  • PFI 633 Phantasm Front Wing (and neoprene cover)
  • Phantasm Carbon V1.1 Mast 92cm (and protective cover)
  • 653MM Phantasm Fuselage
  • Phantasm 400mm Tail Wing Stabilizer V1 (and neoprene Cover)
  • Lower Package Carry Case
  • All hardware necessary to connect foil set up together

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Since 1981 Tony Logosz and his brother Jeff have dedicated themselves to the performance and design of quality water sports equipment. Years of hard work and innovation, that is spawned from Tony’s ability to think in original ways, is what fuels them today. In 1999, after numerous innovations in windsurfing, wakeboarding and other major sports, both set forth to found Slingshot. Since then Slingshot has grown to be a global brand which caters to top kiteboarders and wakeboarders in the world.

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Slingshot today: achieving this level of success commits us to our core beliefs. People who ride Slingshot will always come first. Our commitment to quality, innovative design, testing and riding have been a driving force for an entire decade. Through this decade we have been awarded four U.S. patents that make kiteboarding more convenient and safer. We also proudly license patents, from other great innovators of our sport, to help establish high levels of quality and set industry standards. This contributes to the prosperity and growth of kiteboarding and wakeboarding. Have a question about Slingshot Kites, Slingshot Kiteboards or Slingshot Accessories?

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PFI 633 Phantasm Front Wing

The PFI 633 Front Wing is the ultimate blend of performance and comfort. Designed to be quick, user-friendly and versatile, this is the one freeride foil wing that will help you progress to the next level.


This tried and true front wing boasts equal parts stability, lift, speed, and maneuverability. A perfect blend of performance and comfort gives riders the safety and confidence to learn how to foil effectively and then progress quickly. The PFI 633 wing also features our Safe-T Winglets, these winglets provide a softer edge which helps prevent injury should you come in contact with your foil. They also provide added stability which gives the rider even more confidence to progress.


SURFACE AREA (cm2) = 1270

SPAN (mm) = 633 CHORD (mm) = 264



The PFI 633 Front Wing was designed to deliver one of the most intuitive foil wings ever.


  • The PFI 633 Front Wing takes comfort and performance to the next level.
  • This is the most confidence-inspiring Phantasm Front Wings we have ever built.
  • Equal parts stability, speed, lift, and maneuverability givers riders all-around versatility.

Phantasm Carbon Mast V1.1

The stiffest carbon mast on the market delivers the most predictable ride—no matter your speed or style.

Finally, high-performance stiffness, built for high-performance riders. Our Phantasm construction starts from the ground up, utilizing our proprietary dual-molding process. Each mast is laid up to precise specifications with unidirectional and 12K premium-quality, super-high-modulus pre-preg carbon. Inside is a dual-carbon core that ensures next-level stiffness in major, minor and biaxial directions. Running lengthwise between the dual-core is an I-beam constructed from 12K and 24K carbon that creates the third and final layer of rigidity and solidity.



Slingshot wanted the stiffest mast on the market for the most predictable ride – no matter the speed or style. Slingshot also wanted a big, solid footplate connection to the fuselage that inspired rider confidence and enforced the overall rigidity of the platform.


  • Each mast is laid up to precise specifications with unidirectional and 12K premium-quality, super-high-modulus pre-preg carbon.
  • Bigfoot Connection: The Phantasm’s mast-to-foil connection is more than 50% larger than our competitors. This increased size makes it the strongest and most robust in the industry.
  • Large pedestal base for a solid connection to your board with plenty of adjustabilities.

653mm Phantasm Fuselage

The Phantasm features a high-performance aircraft-grade aluminum alloy fuselage that has been shaped and designed to offer unmatched stiffness and strength.

Phantasm PS400 Tail Wing Stabilizer

The best all around shimless stabilizer that crosses all sports categories. Perfectly balanced or use with any Phantasm front wing or fuselage.



  • SURFACE AREA (cm2) = 281
  • SPAN (mm) = 400
  • CHORD (mm) = 88
  • ASPECT RATIO = 5.9