Unifoil Carbon Progression Tail Stabilizer

Unifoil Carbon Progression Tail Stabilizer


Unifoil’s newest tail line up! Carbon progression stabilizer with size options for 13.5″ and 14.5″


The progression tails are tuned to a neutral foot pressure. They have evolved out of the Shiv tail, our most popular of the 3 packs we’ve sold. The Progression tail is fairly thin giving it some extra speed and pumping efficiency over the Shiv. I’ve also pulled the tips in a bit more for sharper angles in turns.

Technical Specifications

Each model is available in 13.5″ and 14.5″

  • 13.5 suits lighter riders and more performance riding
  • 14.5 suits heavier riders (80kg+) or for increased pumpability

*Bolts sold separately