UKPro Knob and Nut Kit for GoPro

UKPro Knob and Nut Kit for GoPro


Knob and Nut Kit for GoPro eliminates need for screwdriver

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This kit eliminates the need to use a screwdriver when tightening down your GoPro to a mount. Stop loosing the shot because the camera wasnt tight enough and it fell forward. The first thing you will say is “Wow thats soo much better”.


UKPro is happy to announce the release of our Knob and Nut Kit accessory. Engineered to make your life easier, the Knob and Nut Kit is ergonomically designed for quick and easy lockdown of all GoPro® cameras.
The wingnut style of the knobs allows for superior gripping leverage when locking the camera into position. The kit works with all UKPro and GoPro mounts.
The high contrast color makes it easy to see so you will never lose it. The materials used are high-strength nylon and stainless steel making for hardware that holds up even in the most challenging environments.
The kit includes 3 knobs, 3 acorn nuts and 1 UKPro sticker. Get your Knob and Nut Kit now from an authorized UKPro retailer or from this website. UKPro, leading the way in GoPro accessories.