Quatro KT 2021 Wing Drifter Pro V1.2

Quatro KT 2021 Wing Drifter Pro V1.2


5’2 is 80 Liters

5’4 is 90 Liters

What we think: These boards are great. Super lightweight construction makes them nimble and easy to handle!

KT Quatro Wing Drifter Foilboard

The all new Wing Drifter Pro is uncompromisingly dedicated to Wing-foiling and Sup-foiling. Its key perk lies in a super compact build, paired with high volume and a wide shape.

The deck is flat for constant volume flow and comfort as well as efficiency in pumping high aspect wings. The bottom features quad concaves for quick touch down and lift off, as well as a beveled tail for a softer release and less abrupt motion when touching down in the back. The bevel also reduces the water line while offering sufficient volume while floating. The rails are beveled for softer release and touch down.

The Wing Drifter Pro features an EPS Core with a Carbon and Glass laminate deck and bottom, incorporating lavish foil specific reinforcements.

All sizes come with inserts, pads and straps.

Pro Carbon & Glass Construction.

Track Box.

Deep Blue.

Foil Board Volume

80 Liters


KT Surfing

KT surfboards are premier foil boards for prone foil surfing.