Progressive Manta 2D Complete

Progressive Manta 2D Complete


Your first Kiteboard!

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 58 × 20 in

Includes   Progressive Manta kiteboard with Matching fins, straps and handle.


The manta is designed for riders falling into the beginner/lightwind platform. With a very simple rectangular shape, flat bottom and enhanced width, the manta will keep you afloat in under 15kt conditions. The build of the board is simple with exciting graphics. Mantas come complete with matching pads and fins.


  • Flattened rocker line
  • Continuos concave
  • Fin Set
  • Wood Core
  • Stainless inserts
  • Shaped ABS sidewalls
  • Owner information label
  • Back printed digital top sheet glossy
  • Back printed digital bottom sheet mat