Primelines Wax Coating For Kite Lines

Primelines Wax Coating For Kite Lines


Protect or Rejuvinate  your kite lines with PrimeLines Wax

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Each bottle can do about 4 coats of a normal set of lines. It comes with a specially made applicator to apply even coats. Great way to extend the life of your lines!

The story so far

Primelines was born from a kiteline breaking, after being dragged across a rocky shoreline in the New Zealand springtime.

Four years of thinking and experimenting have led us to design a coating and coating system that protects kitelines and keeps them in the condition that they were manufactured in. Because caring is important.

Chemistry and coatings

Primelines is a proprietary polymer-based coating designed to provide maximum abrasion resistance and protection against the elements.

It has been created with environmental preservation in mind. It’s cured through evaporation and able to be applied in any kiting environment.


The bottle and applicator have been designed to ensure ease of use and even coating on kitelines of any diameter. Form follows function.


Primelines comes from a small community actively engaged in kitesurfing for fifteen years. We have pioneered kite dreams in the South Pacific and discovered where we’re happiest.